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To Exist as a Shell

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Welcome to the 2007-2009 Absolute Obscurity Records website

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Absolute Obscurity was created in 2000 to promote the musical projects and original Bands of Northern California musician Tony Stoufer.

For the last 2 1/2 years I have enjoyed writing and performing,and playing bass with the Northern CA band Waking Eve.

Guitar and Keyboards are my Main Interests, but playing bass was a good learning experience.

Previous to Waking Eve, I spent 10 years writing original Electronic Music and had 3 songs from my 1st solo CD "One Swell Foop" added to MTV's The Real World (Las Vegas).

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2007-2008 will be interesting for me, as my old friend Jim Hicks and I mix a cd's worth of original tunes from a former band project ROMEO JONES.

We are planning to submit these great ROMEO JONES tunes on our new MySpace Page for all to enjoy and Download

I have Created New Pages there, for my some of my past Original Bands, so now you can click the Links Below and Go right to the band Page to check some of the Demos and Pics.

You can continue to check out all my past releases,

So Come Join the ROMEO JONES Myspace Page for the new music.
Lets hope 2007-2008 will bring many new creative Ideas and Original Projects.


Tony Stoufer

~Remember ~

All the world's great musical artists started off in
Absolute Obscurity

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